Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus Christ My Savior Died

Jesus Christ My Savior Died
© 2013, Phillip Gaeddert

Jesus Christ my savior died
yet I’m so oft unsatisfied
this sin is nothing more than pride
which kills my soul and blinds my eye
and grieves the One who sits on high
who calls me now to come and die
repenting of my sin

My sin that drove Him to the cross
the grave, the tomb with priceless cost
to satisfy the wrath of God
and save my soul both dead and lost
the price He paid exchanged for dross
yet somehow didn’t count it loss
for me to live with Him

This Christ the Lord he took on flesh
redeemed me from my rottenness
and clothed me in His righteousness
how can I spurn this loveliness?
in humble state of brokenness
just let these dry bones now confess
an empty hand I bring

So praise His glorious name above
who sent His only Son in love
with Spirit descending like a dove
on Him who sacrificed His blood
absorbed the wrath of God enough
and plunged me ‘neath the ‘whelming flood
what can I offer Him?

To live by grace and walk aright
to walk by faith and not by sight
to love His word the only light
Jesus the way, the truth, the life
to sing of Him with all my might
to praise Him only day and night
while fighting off my sin

Well done my servant enter in
I heard Him speak at my life’s end
but not one word about my sins
I asked, He said Christ rid of them
o’erwhelmed as I have ever been
I knew my crowns belonged to Him
I lay them at His feet

So praise His name forevermore
ascribe all glory to the Lord
and spread this word from shore to shore
across the sea and around the world
that cancelled sin hath power no more
believe in Him and trust Him for
He's risen from the dead